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When allocating work to staff or students, departments have a legal duty to take account of the capabilities of individuals, including the level of their training, knowledge and experience, in order to ensure that the demands of their work can be met without significant risks.

Occupational Health and Safety Induction - Part 1

Within the first few days of joining the University, each new staff member, including KTP Associate and Postgraduate Experimental Research Student, should participate in the University's Occupational Health and Safety Induction – Part 1.  In addition, new recruits should also participate in their department’s Occupational Health and Safety Induction, referred to as Part 2.

Participation in Part 1 is also mandatory for those within the above categories, for whom it has been 3 years or more since they lastparticipated in Part 1.

Individuals can access Part 1 directly through Myplace using their University username and password.

Please note: It has been found that the best viewing experience is available when the Google Chrome web browser is used.

Occupational Health and Safety Induction - Part 2

Once Part 1 has been completed, Part 2 should be provided by the responsible line manager or the Departmental Safety Convener.  This will provide important specific departmental information, such as local fire safety precautions and other arrangements for managing the risks arising from its undertaking.

Depending on the risk profile of the department, one of two versions of a checklist will be used by line managers to cover the essential issues, namely S27 (High Risk) and S27 (Lower Risk)

Postgraduate Occupational Health and Safety Induction

As an introduction to working safely at the University, all postgraduates, who will be undertaking experimental research in science and engineering disciplines, are recommended to view the following:

Occupational Health and Safety Induction - Part 1 (follow link in above section, or if you have not yet been issued with personal University log-in details, see Information for Visitors section, below);


All three modules of the Postgraduate Occupational Health and Safety Induction, in the order shown, namely:

Module 1 - Planning for Safety in Experimental Research which introduces the three related concepts of Standard Operating Procedure, Risk Assessment and Safe Method of Working  and illustrates the contribution each to ensuring the safety of researchers.

Module 2 - Common Hazards and Advised Precautions in Laboratories which highlights a range of common hazards and simple precautions that researchers can take to enable them to work safely.

Module 3 - General Laboratory Safety which presents key aspects of Laboratory, Chemical and Biological safety relating to substances hazardous to health.

These modules can also be viewed from outside the University campus via MyPlace, under the title "Postgraduate Occupational Health and Safety Induction".

Following completion of all modules, please download the Pg Confirmation of Completion form.

SHaW Training Course Catalogue

SHaW Provides a wide range of safety training course, not all of which are listed here.

For a complete list of all training, please see the DAT System here - http://bookings.strath.yl37.cnHome/CoursesList?SelectedCategory=Health%20and%20Safety - or contact SHaW on ext 2726

Biological Safety Training - Online Modules

All members of staff and post graduate students at the University of Strathclyde must complete online Biological Safety Training prior to commencing work with biological material.  Modules 1-3 are mandatory modules.  Depending on the work/research activities being undertaken the completion of Modules 4-6 may also be required.

Modules 1-3 are accessible directly through MyPlace, no prior registration is required however you must enrol on the course within the MyPlace.  Please follow the link to MyPlace on the online booking system

Modules 4-6 require registration and can only be accessed once Modules 1-3 have been completed. Registration for the individual modules is via the online booking system.  Once registered, within one week you will receive an e-mail with a link that will allow you access to the online training which is hosted on MyPlace. 

On completion of the online biological safety training you will be required to complete an assessment.  A mark of 70% must be achieved. When you have completed each module, you will receive an automated feedback on your assessments. 


CoSHH Essentials Training - Online Module

This module provides an in-depth overview of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations.  It covers the different types of hazardous substances; the different ways in which these substances can enter the body; what measures can be taken to control exposure as well as emergency procedures and first aid.

It is for those working with substances hazardous to health who require to understand the need for COSHH assessments and the safety precautions associated with working with such hazardous substances. 

This course is essential for those planning to undertake the COSHH Assessment Course which can be booked separately through Online booking system.

This module can now be undertaken by registering on the relevant waiting list on the Online Booking System (under the Health and Safety Tab or by using the search facility).

Once registered, within a week you will receive an email with a link to undertake the module on the MyPlace site.

Display Screen Equipment

Staff and post graduate students who receive payment for their work and who use display screen equipment, require to complete the online awareness training and self- assessment module. This can be accessed by registering on the waiting list on the Online Booking System.  Prior to starting the online module it is recommended that you read the DSE Users Guide for On-Line Training Module to help you get started as well as answering some questions you may have about the module.

Please Note:  EEE staff should follow instructions on EEE's Department Information Portal

Information for Visitors

If you are a visitor to the University, then depending on the nature of your work, its duration and the level of supervision being provided by University staff, you may be requested to participate in the online Occupational Health and Safety Induction - Part 1.

If you have been issued with a University usename and password, then you should access the OHS Induction via MyPlace. (See above Section Occupational Health and Safety Induction - Part 1).

If you do not have a University username and password, then please access each of the six short video sections, which comprise the OHS induction on YouTube, via the link shown below. You will require around 25 minutes to complete all six sections.

You will require around 25 minutes to complete all six sections., At the end of each section, you will be asked to pariticipate in a short quiz, however, the quizzes are not available through YouTube. You will instead be required to sign a Confirmation of Completion for your departments records, which will be provided by your line manager of Departmental Safety Convenor.

Occupational Health & Safety Induction - Part 1

Ongoing Health and Safety Training

In most cases health and safety training, especially for new staff or those with increased responsibilities, is likely to be progressive over a period of time, but should be fulfilled according to a prepared plan.

Departmental line managers are responsible for determining any additional or on-going training needs of particular individuals, based on factors such as:

  • managerial responsibilities of an individual
  • the demands of any assigned health and safety role
  • the significant findings of risk assessments for the work in which they are involved, and
  • the outcomes of participation in Part 2 of the Occupational Health and Safety Induction.
SHaW Training Program

Where training needs are not met by the current programme SHaW may be able to provide additional training or help source alternative providers. Please contact or on Ex. 2726.

Booking a Course

All Safety Services' courses can be booked using the University's online booking system.

Record of Training

All health and safety training received by individuals should be recorded on their personal S17 Record of Training, which should be kept safe within the department.

Manual Handling Awareness

Prior to starting the online module, it is recommended that you read the Manual Handling Users Guide for On-Line Training Module to help you get started as well as answering some questions you may have about the module.

For staff involved in lower risk manual handling activities e.g. administration, secretarial.  Povides information and training on best practice lifting techniques.  This can be accessed by registering on the waiting list on the Online Booking System.  

Data Protection Statement

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The SHaW Privacy Notice sets out important information on how we use, store and share your information and your rights in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, and you should read this prior to providing information. By providing your personal information, you are consenting to the University holding and using this information as detailed.

As the privacy notice can change at any time, we recommend that you check it each time you visit this site.

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